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Public Records Search Articles

Free Outstanding Warrant Search

You may not know it but you may already have an outstanding arrest warrant in your name. So, how does this happen? There are quite a lot of reasons on why this may happen. It may be because of picking up a speeding offense that you haven’t received notification about, or you may have forgotten to pay a fine. It can also result from identity theft, which is why you have to try and check whether you have an outstanding warrant in your name from time to time.

The first thing that you may obviously try is ask a police officer if you have an outstanding warrant. This is a bad idea as just asking this question may get them …

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Family Records Lookup & Search Tips

It’s really exciting and fun to research information regarding the history of your family. There is no need to hire a professional detective or investigator because you can do it on your own for as long as there is an internet connection.

The government and private sectors provide useful family history info on the internet. This is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. Consider the following tips to help you with your search:

•    You need to look into birth records as well as marriage and death records. In the US, civil registrations began in the 1830s and any record before this year might be found in parish records. You should also look into family or life events like baptism …

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How to Lookup Vital Records Online

In the recent years, genealogy research has become extremely popular. A lot of individuals are now interested in finding about their family history and their ancestors. Because of the increasing demand for vital records, more and more vital records services are now surfacing online.

You might be wondering what vital records are. Well, vital records can include birth records, adoption, marriage, death, criminal records, court records, and other public records. There is an act which gives the public the right to access these vital records as long as the records will be used legally.

Searching for the vital records offline takes up a lot of your time and effort. There is no guarantee that you may be able to get …

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Finding Free Ancestry Records Online

One of the latest hobbies has become making family trees and discovering the lineage, origin and ancestry of one’s own family.  Those already with this hobby are using the online search engines for searching ancestry records.  For those who wish to begin this fascinating hobby, the internet is the most potent and easiest resource to begin with.

Some tips to get free online ancestry data:

You can click here to search ancestry records online.

First locate a free online ancestry website.  It is important to use free sites if one does not want to pay out enormous payouts.  The internet has many sites and one must choose a couple of the best of the free sites that one can …

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Maryland Public records: How to order public records in MD

During disasters, a person should try to always have available a copy of their vital records. This means that if a person does not know where their vital record copies are, he or she should try to find the easiest way to access their information or get new official copies of their records. For Maryland residents, the official location to get copies of your vital records is at the Division of Vital Records. They are in charge of processing vital records, storing vital records and requested copies of vital records.

Vital records are records or certificates of the following:
• Births
• Deaths
• Marriage
• Divorce

Many time if a person is trying to adopt of is adopting they …

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Maine Public records: How to order public records in ME

Maine has a well-organized website with helpful on-site assistance for people looking for information on vital records or needing copies. These offices also provide other services regarding vital records. Some of the records that people may try to access will be confidential, or only able to be accessed by specific people. For instance, a person can check, verify, or request copies of his or her own records, but someone who is not his or her spouse, parent, or child, would not be allowed any information on the resident. Vital records include records of births, deaths, marriages and divorces.

To request your records from the Office of Data, Research and Vital Statistics you can use any of the below methods:

By …

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Louisiana Public Records: How to obtain public records in Louisiana

The Louisiana State Registrar/Vital Records and Statistics Office is responsible for public records. With records going back a fair number of years due to the prestigious city of New Orleans, public records are easily accessible to the public. Be advised that some records will require special permission which you may only obtain based on your relationship to the person the record is about.

The Louisiana main website includes access to all records:

The Louisiana Vital Records Registry website has an easy to use interface that is user friendly for any person from around the world, regardless of his or her language. A full FAQ is available which has been intricately written to provide as many on-line answers for users …

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Kentucky Public records: How to order public records in KY

When looking to access or request copies of vital records for Kentucky residents, the Office of Vital Records is the most reliable and official way. You can expect to be treated well and receive the information that you require.

To request your records:
By Mail – If you are looking to post mail to the Office of vital statistics you are able to use either of the following addresses based on y our request:

If you are looking for information regarding vital records but are not looking for a certified copy, or to send a request, you can mail the following address:

Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives
P.O. Box 537
300 Coffee Tree Road
Frankfort, KY 40602

If you …

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Indiana Public Records: How to Obtain Public Records in Indiana

The Indiana website is fairly intensive and could be confusing to the first-time user. Known only as, the official website has access to a fair amount of information regarding all public records in the state of Indiana. Indiana focuses heavily on state health for individuals, and in particular makes health and public records available to all of its residents. Be aware that some requires may require state permission in order to share certain records: Be advised that some records will require special permission that you may only obtain if you have an appropriate relation to the individual in question, or if you are a member of a federal, or state, agency.

This is the address of the main Indiana …

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Kansas Public records: How to order public records in KS

When ordering Public records for yourself or a close family member (i.e. sibling, spouse, grandchild, and ward) in Kansas you contact the Kansas Department of Health and Environment which is the department in charge of public records. (Also known as vital records) You fill out a form or request for your files and they process it then your copy of your official document is on its way. Kansas keeps it simple and quick while processing your request making getting on your way much easier.

The central office is located and can receive mail at:
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Charles Curtis State Office Building
1000 SW Jackson
Topeka, KS  66612

Contact information on mailing and walk-in offices is at …

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