Alaska Public Records: How to Order Public Records in AL

Although relatively new, the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services is a window to obtaining public records in Alaska. You will only be able to find records going back as far as January, 1913.

Many times an adoptee will want to find records of his or her family members. Contacting your local record office may be a way of helping you find your family. Please keep in mind though you will need special permission to obtain birth records, so make sure you bring your ID with a certified signature on it.

If you are researching other information, other records are not necessarily confidential and should be able to be requested far more easily. Still, you should always bring the aforementioned items just to be prepared. Always research the current fees associated with requests and remember, if you are requesting records from another country you will need to provide the country’s name where you are requesting from.

All certificates are available:
By mail – While not the easiest method, this does save having to go in person. However, remember some departments can request a lengthy amount of time to send you the records so plan accordingly.

Department of Health and Social Services
Bureau of Vital Statistics
5441 Commercial Boulevard
Juneau, AK 99801

You can go in Person – The office staff is courteous and ready to assist you.
Questions? – You can call (907) 465-3391 to verify current fees or other information.

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