Georgia Public Records: How to Order Public Records in GA

In Georgia Death certificates are available to any member of the public though you have to contact the office for certified copies of fetal death certificates. Birth records are only available to the person on said certificate, his parents shown on the records itself, authorized agents or legal guardians, spouses, adult children, adult siblings and grandparents.

Pre-ordering birth records is now available by phone for people who will be coming to the office to pick up their birth records and is suggested before arriving at the office. To Pre-order your birth records call 404-679-4702. You will need to know your Applicant and Record Information and inform them of the date and time you will be picking up the records.

Certificates are available through the following methods:
By mail – Any mail requests may be directed to:
Vital Records Office
2600 Skyland Dr. NE
Atlanta, GA 30319 -3640

In Person – The above address is also the address for the physical location. Please be mindful and check the current listing of business hours before you attempt to go there in person.

Electronically –Though by law you are not able to request vital records by e-mail, there are other on-line sources available such as VitalChek; a service where you are able to request a certificate copy of a vital record using MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Visa charge cards. VitalChek also offers services by fax though birth records are not available through this method of communication.

Questions – If you encounter any questions call – (404) 679-4702

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