Hawaii Public records: How to order public records in HI

Hawaii’s Health Offices, which are in charge of vital records through the Office of Health Status Monitoring, not only have many easy to get to locations but always have respectful and authorized individuals just waiting to help you with what you need.

Whether it is ordering copies of marriage, Birth, Divorce and death records or questions you need answered, there are people ready and willing to help. Vital records access is only aloud to people who have been authorized access so when requesting copies of your vital records remember to bring a valid I.D. with a photo of you and if possible a second for of identification that has a signature on it.

Below are only some of the many convenient offices near you for Hawaii’s Health Offices in charge of Vital Records:
75 Aupuni Street #105
Hilo, HI 96720
81-980 Halekii St. #104
Kealakekua, HI 96750
67-5189 Kamamalu St.
Kamuela, HI 96743
State Office Building
54 High Street, Wailuku

For more walk-in office locations or if you where not bale to find what you where looking for in this article visit:


If you have questions you would like to address through e-mail Hawaii’s official office e-mail is:  vr-info@doh.hawaii.gov

For applying for a marriage license contact the following office closest to you:
For Kauai – (808) 241-3498
For Hawaii – (808) 974-6008
For Molokai – (808) 553-3663
For Maui – (808) 984-8210
For Lanai – (808) 565-6411

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