Indiana Public Records: How to Obtain Public Records in Indiana

The Indiana website is fairly intensive and could be confusing to the first-time user. Known only as, the official website has access to a fair amount of information regarding all public records in the state of Indiana. Indiana focuses heavily on state health for individuals, and in particular makes health and public records available to all of its residents. Be aware that some requires may require state permission in order to share certain records: Be advised that some records will require special permission that you may only obtain if you have an appropriate relation to the individual in question, or if you are a member of a federal, or state, agency.

This is the address of the main Indiana website:
All forms can be located at this webpage on the official website:

Make sure your money orders or checks are made payable to the Indiana Department of Health, Vital Records Division.

All certificates are available and can be acquired by the following means:
By mail – You can mail your fees and forms to the address below:
Indiana State Department of Health
2 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204

In Person – You can also visit the above address in person. If you require a specific function office (unique request for birth or adoption records), you can do so from either of the appropriate addresses below:
State Laboratories
550 West 16th Street, Suite B
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Weights & Measures Division
2525 North Shadeland Avenue #D3
Indianapolis, IN 46219-1791

Electronically – You can order your on-line records from VitalChek:

Questions – You can call  either of the following numbers:
Customer Information Line:  (317) 233-2700 

If you need to request information concerning an authenticated birth certificate: Secretary of State Office  (317) 232-6531 

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