Nevada Public Records: How to obtain public records in Nevada

The Nevada State Public Library contains many different public records on-line for free. However, may records like birth records are not able to be obtained from here.

The Nevada Office of Vital Records and Statistics contains all public records going back to 1911. If you need earlier records, you can check with the county recorder in your area. If you require public records for any reason, this is your best choice. Detailed information can be obtained here:
A complete list of available forms on-line can be found here:

You can also find detailed instructions on how to access the information above:

All of the above forms contain information including accessing public records from abroad. There are varied fees associated with each record service which need to be reviewed before you try ordering any public records.

All certificates are available:
By mail – You can send the fee by mail – remember to include the necessary information.
Office of Vital Records and Statistics
Capitol Complex
505 East King Street #102
Carson City, NV 89710

In Person – The above address is also the physical location. Keep in mind there may be offices closer to you.

Electronically – At this time you are unable to purchase records on-line through the official Nevada website. However, there are a number of websites which operate for the purpose of providing public records for an additional fee. Beware of possible scams and remember only public information can be obtained through these sites – you cannot access private information without obtaining permission.

Questions – Call (775) 684-4280 but keep in mind this is a recorded message. If you wish more automated support, you will need to go on-line.

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