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Public Records Search Articles

Iowa Public records: How to order public records in IA

Iowa’s Department of Public Health sets new standards for being polite; their conveniently located office is not only the mailing address but the walk-in office with polite representatives who achieve a new high in costumer service. You can find all the information you need, any copies of vital information for your self or close family members, if you have what you need and they can help you with all of this regarding birth, marriage, death and divorce records.

To reach the office in charge of vital statistics:
To mail forms, requests or questions the official mailing location in Iowa for vital records is:

Iowa Department of Public Health
Bureau of Health Statistics
Lucas State Office Building, 1st Floor
Des Moines, …

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Illinois Public Records: How to order public records in IL

Illinois Department of Public Health has all information you may need already mapped out and easy to use of its site though they also offer walk-in services. You are able to search for, request copies of, and if this is the first time you are getting your records you are also able to obtain your original record from their office though calling ahead to set up an appointment or make sure you will have everything you will need would be suggested.

For walk-in services or if you wish to request or turn in a form to a representative in person walk-in services is available at:

Illinois Department of Public Health
Division of Vital Records
605 W. Jefferson St.
Springfield, IL …

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Idaho public records: How to get your public records in ID

If you are looking for a way to get copies of birth, death, marriage or divorce records in Idaho the Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics has all the information you may need and can help you find the records.

When sending a form or requesting a copy of your vital record to the Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics you will want to include the following:
• Whether the certificate is birth, marriage, divorce or death
• The full name or names that will be present on the certificate
• The date the certificate was finalized
• The city in which the event occurred
• The number of certificates you wish to order
• A …

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Hawaii Public records: How to order public records in HI

Hawaii’s Health Offices, which are in charge of vital records through the Office of Health Status Monitoring, not only have many easy to get to locations but always have respectful and authorized individuals just waiting to help you with what you need.

Whether it is ordering copies of marriage, Birth, Divorce and death records or questions you need answered, there are people ready and willing to help. Vital records access is only aloud to people who have been authorized access so when requesting copies of your vital records remember to bring a valid I.D. with a photo of you and if possible a second for of identification that has a signature on it.

Below are only some of the many …

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Georgia Public Records: How to Order Public Records in GA

In Georgia Death certificates are available to any member of the public though you have to contact the office for certified copies of fetal death certificates. Birth records are only available to the person on said certificate, his parents shown on the records itself, authorized agents or legal guardians, spouses, adult children, adult siblings and grandparents.

Pre-ordering birth records is now available by phone for people who will be coming to the office to pick up their birth records and is suggested before arriving at the office. To Pre-order your birth records call 404-679-4702. You will need to know your Applicant and Record Information and inform them of the date and time you will be picking up the records.

Certificates …

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Florida Public records: How to order public records in FL

In Florida, your personal records can mean the difference between getting a job or not or even what schools will accept you. You need to have your public records available for not only your passport, employment, and insurance, but also for schools and college.

The Office of Vital Statistics is on charge of the most important part of any of these processes, your birth certificate. They are also in charge of death records, marriage records and divorce records. The office in charge of Florida’s Public Vital records currently maintains around 21.5 million records.

When ordering or requesting a birth certificate you must include a copy of a valid photo I.D. If you are the child on the record you must …

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Delaware Public Records: How to Order Public Records in DE

Though Delaware public records are for the most part open to the public, the Vital Statistics Review Subcommittee reviews cases before releasing information. Delaware is one of the few states that offer heirloom birth certificates and they use the fund these provide for their Children’s Trust Fund that goes towards helping abused children and helping to stop children from being abused, funds kept for the office are what pay for the materials and what make it possible for them to keep helping this cause.

Due to problems in the past with public records Delaware is now very organized and attentive about their public records and also a strong believer in record preservation. Out of many reasons to pay close attention …

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Connecticut Public Records: How to Order Public Records in CT

The State Office of Vital Records keeps track of all vital records within each of the one hundred and sixty-nine towns in the state of Connecticut. Vital records may include, but are not limited to, birth records, marriage, civil union and death records.

You may also download the forms you will need to print your requests from:

According to the main website of the state of Connecticut, there is currently a long wait time of approximately six months for when requesting any kind of public records. If you need a quick response, your best bet is to try and request information directly from the town where the event took place. You will be able to find a list here: …

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Colorado Public Records: How to Order Public Records in CO

In 2003, Vital Records Section of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, created and began operating a website for the purpose of allowing the public to request information on public records.

Due to increased concerns of identity theft, all public records are now confidential. Records are available from the year 1908, and require special permission to have copies of public records. You must have a passport, driver’s license or similar document verifying who you are with a certified signature in order to be given the public records.

Be advised that as of July 2008, various fees for public records will be going up. If you wish to request any public records, be sure to check with the main …

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North Carolina Public Records: How to obtain public records in North Carolina

All births, deaths, and other public records are handled by the North Carolina Vital Records Unit. This organization has only recently allowed walk-in requests (as of 2004) but will still only process simple requests.

Any search done on a walk-in basis has a mandatory expedited fee the researcher will have to pay. This fee is currently $15.  Keep in mind this fee is only to do the search right there on the spot – additional fees will apply.
You can order all pertinent records on-line from home:

The above method is probably the best for ease of convenience and due to the restrictions placed on requests by going in person. You will also save yourself money although there are …

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