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Public Records Search Articles

New York Public Records: How to obtain public records in New York

The New York Municipal Archives has a comfortable self-service facility for any person who would like to research public records. If you prefer having someone assist you rather than searching for the information yourself, there is a $15 search fee applicable.

If you do wish to search for the records yourself, you will find everything you need to do so. However, if you wish to have certified copies of the records these will cost an additional fee which must be paid before you can receive the records.

If you would prefer to order the records from the comfort of home and mail in your fee, you can access the record from the New York website:
You may also print …

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New Mexico Public Records: How to obtain public records in New Mexico

In 1959, the Commission of Public Records was created to govern the State Records Center and Archives. The State Records Center and Archives retains all public records in the state of New Mexico.

Being the state of New Mexico’s most historical and cultural resource, it houses records going back as far as 1621 from the Spanish government. This is an incredible resource from an historical perspective.

For individuals who need records only from their lifetime, these are also available to be requested. If you need to have a copy of these records, these come with a fee for obtaining the copy and must be paid to the treasury itself.

Make sure your checks or money orders are made payable to …

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New Jersey Public Records: How to obtain public records in New Jersey

The New Jersey Public Records & Archives has one of the most extensive public records systems in the nation. Every possible public record you would wish to obtain may be obtained here although some records do require special permission to view.

With records available since 1878, the New Jersey main website includes access to state archives, located at the online location:
With dozens of extra features on-line, the NJPRA goes beyond most systems available and boasts over 33,000 cubic feet of information in the physical archives.  There is also a public database for all of the war damages committed during the period of 1176-1782.

To request copies of all public records, be sure to research any fees that could …

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Nevada Public Records: How to obtain public records in Nevada

The Nevada State Public Library contains many different public records on-line for free. However, may records like birth records are not able to be obtained from here.

The Nevada Office of Vital Records and Statistics contains all public records going back to 1911. If you need earlier records, you can check with the county recorder in your area. If you require public records for any reason, this is your best choice. Detailed information can be obtained here:
A complete list of available forms on-line can be found here:

You can also find detailed instructions on how to access the information above:

All of the above forms contain information including accessing public records from abroad. There are varied …

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California Public Records: How to Order Public Records in CA

When searching for any kind of public record in the state of California, you must be willing to sign and supply a sword statement attesting to why you want the requests. If you wish to request records, the California Department of Health Services has been responsible for all public records going back as far as July, 1905 and will be able to assist you.

Certified records are rarely given when requested by outside of the U.S. If you are in another country and wish to order your public records, you must verify who you are and where you are located.

If you are requesting information from another country, this information will be provided at an extra cost and such information …

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Arkansas Public Records: How to Order Public Records in AR

Human beings have always been curious about who they are and where they come from.  Searching for public records continues this tradition by allowing anyone from family history researchers to adoptees to legal aids, request the information they need. The Arkansas Department of Health Services is responsible for public records. This office has records going back as early as February 1st, 1914.

Arkansas’ Department of Health Services is one of the many offices responsible for keeping public records in order and available to the public. They have been closely monitoring public records going back as far as February 1st, 1914.

While many records are available to all members of the public, most birth records are not. When you request your …

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Arizona Public Records: How to Order Public Records in AZ

The Arizona Department of Health Services has public records starting in July, 1909..

Anyone can search for public records in Arizona. However, in Mohave County all records must be processed in writing before they will allow release of the documents.

Keep in mind you don’t have to go in person to obtain the records you need. In many cases all of the records you require can be obtained on-line in a matter of minutes, preventing long wait time and the inconvenience of traveling to the office. Keep in mind the state fees will still apply and usually a search fee will be included. Verify these fees before purchasing the service.

If you are requesting the records online, make sure you …

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Alaska Public Records: How to Order Public Records in AL

Although relatively new, the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services is a window to obtaining public records in Alaska. You will only be able to find records going back as far as January, 1913.

Many times an adoptee will want to find records of his or her family members. Contacting your local record office may be a way of helping you find your family. Please keep in mind though you will need special permission to obtain birth records, so make sure you bring your ID with a certified signature on it.

If you are researching other information, other records are not necessarily confidential and should be able to be requested far more easily. Still, you should always bring the …

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Alabama Public Records: How to Order Public Records in AL

If you are interested in obtaining public records, you should visit or contact the Alabama Vital Records is responsible for public records. There are records available as far back as 1908.

If you are interested in genealogy or researching your family history, this might be a good start for you. This information is also helpful for adoptees and legal aids researching information on families. As with most states, many public records, specifically birth records, are confidential and special permission will need to be given. To obtain this information, you will need to provide adequate reasons as to why you wish the information which must then be approved. Remember you will need to fill out the appropriate forms and pay a …

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