Maryland Public records: How to order public records in MD

During disasters, a person should try to always have available a copy of their vital records. This means that if a person does not know where their vital record copies are, he or she should try to find the easiest way to access their information or get new official copies of their records. For Maryland residents, the official location to get copies of your vital records is at the Division of Vital Records. They are in charge of processing vital records, storing vital records and requested copies of vital records.

Vital records are records or certificates of the following:
• Births
• Deaths
• Marriage
• Divorce

Many time if a person is trying to adopt of is adopting they will also need to request their own vital records if they do not have a copy and once the child is in their custody will need to have copies of the child’s vital records. With Maryland’s Division of Vital Records, you will find the records you need or would like easily and have any copies that you may need.

To request your records or information from the Division of Vital Records you can use any of the following methods:

By Mail – The mailing address for the Division of Vital Records is:
The Division of Vital Records
6550 Reisterstown Road
Reisterstown Road Plaza
Baltimore, MD 21215

Walk-in – The walk-in office available for the Division of Vital Records in Maryland’s address matches their mailing address for requests and more listed above.

Electronically-The official website, which provides easy to search for the appropriate information:

Question- To find more information or contact a live representative by telephone the following telephone numbers are available:

The main number used for the Office of vital Records is:
Or you can use the toll free number:

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